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Throughout the last ten years, the Freedom Center has hosted many special events, supported research, educated millions of students, and hosted hundreds of public programs to advance the cause of freedom. This library shares some of our favorite moments and speakers in Freedom Center history.

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Ending Slavery Now

What will end slavery?

Most experts believe that slavery will exist as long as there are economic disparities — and unscrupulous individuals willing to exploit others for profit. But that doesn’t mean effective action isn’t possible. Slavery’s ugly presence can be reduced or eliminated through these steps:

Freedom Heroes

A common thread running throughout the long story of abolition is the courageous individual standing up for freedom and justice. These heroes aren't all famous, wealthy or in high office. You don't even find them in every history book. They're everyday people, like you and me, from every corner of the globe who choose to demand freedom.

Modern Abolition

Just as abolitionists of the 18th and 19th centuries created movements demanding the end to the transatlantic slave trade and the abolishment of chattel slavery in the United States, the persistence of modern forms of slavery around the world today calls for a new, global network of abolitionists.


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