All For The Cause

Artist Gallery Talk

July 19, 1:30 pm

July 26, 2 pm

Free with general admission


Join us for a discussion with artist Larry Winston Collins about his thought- provoking series, All for the Cause. Collins will discuss the importance of expressing social and cultural statements through the medium of art and other projects, including the Homeless Position Sculptures and the Long Street Cultural Wall Project. Don't miss this fantastic series!

Artist & Author Speak

The brilliant artist James Pate was born in Birmingham, Alabama but raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts. During his senior year he earned a scholarship to attend the Art Academy through the Corbett Award. Pate’s art education is mostly contributed to discipline, dedication, and consistent projects that refined his skills. Pate’s work has been exhibited in a number of select galleries and museums and is know for his idiosyncratic Techno-Cubism style fusing realism with spatial abstraction.

Let Us Honor and Celebrate Women

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, in collaboration with the Know Theatre of Cincinnati, will kick-off Women’s History Month with a production of We Will Rise:  Selections from The Afghan Women’s Writing Project. This coming Saturday is International Women’s Day and the birth date of Harriet Tubman, therefore it’s very appropriate to have this production held for a limited run, March 7 and 8, in the Harri

The Frederick Douglass Story

The Children's Theater of Cincinnati presents a theatrical experience embodying the plight of Frederick Douglass. Douglass was a commanding orator and abolitionist. As a young man he educated himself in secret, but he would one day give advice to presidents. Douglass is one of the most respected leaders in our country's history because he did not just speak about his ideals...he lived them.

Join us in the Harriet Tubman Theater Feb.1, for two amazing performances of The Frederick Douglass Story.


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