Mandela: A Living Legacy

August 22-October 19, 2014

3rd floor, Education Hallway

For the past ten years, photojournalist Matthew Willman has had the privilege of working with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to achieve and document the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. Willman has carefully selected 20 of his photographs that document intimate aspects of Mandela's life from Robben Island to the Freedom Charter, the iconic 'Amandla Fist' to the Rivonia Trial. The stories that are told through these photographs not only highlight the historical significance of Mandela's life, but they also capture unique aspects of the human condition that inspires others to take steps toward freedom today. In conjunction with the 2014 International Freedom Conductor Award, this exhibition shares the story of Nelson Mandela's commitment to giving others the power of choice to walk free.